Abandoned Factories from Septopus Deep Sea Creature

#3, Abandoned Factories
My first ever “piece” of music, it’s actually a misplayed G scale, but I liked the sound and feel. I was listening to the ABC in the bush in the late ’80s with an article about the closing of the shipyards on the Clyde in the 1970s. That gave it it’s name. The lyric didn’t come along until many years later, and was just meant to be a sketch, but it ended up fitting just right, so I left it. Oh, and the lyric is an homage to Mark Knopfler’s “Telegraph Road”

Iceman from Septopus Deep Sea Creature

Track #5, Iceman
This one was deliberately run with a 3/4 timing, even though the opening is 4/4. I had a vision of walking through a great snowfield with some driving purpose, but couldn’t get the words out. My co-collaborator in all this, John Richter, started writing words for the imagery, and before we knew it, it was a tale of climate change, with a hint of methamphetamine addiction.